Reveal 3D Facial Analysis

Regen Revolution offers only the most advanced and personalized skincare treatments available to our esteemed clients. We are thrilled to announce that we have taken this commitment to a whole new level with the Reveal 3D Facial Analysis Scanner – the most comprehensive facial analysis system in the entire industry!

Know More About Your Skin With State-of-Art Technology 

What makes the Reveal 3D Facial Analysis Scanner truly stand out is its cutting-edge use of Artificial Intelligence Technology, which allows it to detect a staggering 14 different skin health indicators with remarkable accuracy. These indicators include but are not limited to 

  • Sebum Count
  • Pore Size
  • Wrinkles
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • And Many Others

By utilizing this revolutionary technology, practitioners can gain unparalleled insights into their patients’ skin health and tailor their treatment plans accordingly.


Advanced Technology Means Better Accuracy  

Reveal 3D Facial Analysis Scanner uses an astonishing 

  • 28 Million High-Definition MegaPixels
  • 8 Spectrum Imaging Technology
  • 3D Simulation
  • Artificial Intelligence

All of which means providing the best in facial scanning. Our cutting-edge technology guarantees the utmost accuracy when identifying skin damage and designing individualized treatments for each patient.


Understand The Future of Your Skin Health

With the Reveal 3D Facial Analysis Scanner, our patients will receive more than a skin age calculation – they’ll benefit from comprehensive surface analysis and deep layer analysis of key metrics. 

This advanced scanner measures indicators to provide an in-depth look at their facial data points. These include:

  • Sebum Levels
  • Hydration Status
  • Uv Damage Signs
  • And More 

Our practitioners can craft tailored treatment programs for each patient, leveraging the collected data to create a plan that meets their individualized skin health needs. 

Reveal 3D Facial Analysis Scanner has advanced capabilities allowing us to predict future changes in patient’s skin condition and proactively develop strategies accordingly. It displays current skin age, predictions without intervention, and future predictions if the recommended skincare regimen is followed.



Our Reveal 3D Facial Analysis Scanner offers outstanding metrics – its ability to detect sebum count is particularly impressive. Sebum, a substance secreted by cortical cells and released onto the skin through glands, can be measured via our scanner with remarkable accuracy; spots of yellow on the scan indicate higher oil secretion levels.

Pore Size & Acne

This new technology provides incredible detail for any patient. Not only does it detect pore size but acne as well – with more green on the scan representing areas under inflammation or suffering from breakouts due to sebum secretion, clogged follicles, and bacterial infestations. It enables you to have a precise diagnosis like never before!


Powerful technology like Reveal can detect wrinkles caused by a lack of hydration or broken collagen. We can detect signs of collagen and pigmentation loss on our patients’ faces. The scan produces yellow areas for wrinkles or discoloration in certain regions, with blue tones indicating a more serious concern. This technology provides detailed insight into potential problems due to aging.

Complexion – Blood Vessels & Pigmentation

The Reveal 3D Facial Analysis Scanner allows comprehensive complexion analysis through white light detection of the skin’s basal layer and database comparisons. By measuring blood vessels and pigmentation, this scanner provides a detailed breakdown of individuals’ complexion.

At Regen Revolution, we aim to offer advanced, personalized skincare treatments that cater to each client’s unique needs. With the Reveal 3D Facial Analysis Scanner, we can provide unparalleled precision and accuracy when analyzing skin health and designing treatment plans. Our practitioners use the insights the Reveal 3D Facial Analysis Scanner offers to create a comprehensive program that delivers visible, long-lasting results for our clients.

Our commitment to personalized care and advanced technology ensures you receive only the best and most effective treatments possible. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience the transformative power of the Reveal 3D Facial Analysis Scanner for yourself!