Elbow pain

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What Is Elbow Pain?

Elbow pain is most often the result of tendinitis, which can affect the inner or outer elbow. Treatment includes ice, rest, and medication for inflammation. Elbow pain has many other causes including trauma, arthritis, and bursitis. Funny bone sensation is irritation of a nerve at the elbow that causes numbness and tingling of the inner elbow, forearm as well as little and ring fingers. Bacteria can infect the skin of a scraped (abraded) elbow to cause pain.


Elbow Pain Q&A

What causes Elbow pain?
Elbow pain is often caused by overuse. Many sports, hobbies and jobs require repetitive hand, wrist or arm movements. Elbow pain may occasionally be due to arthritis, but in general, your elbow joint is much less prone to wear-and-tear damage than are many other joints.
Common causes of elbow pain include:

  • Broken arm
  • Bursitis (joint inflammation)
  • Dislocated elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Osteoarthritis (disease causing the breakdown of joints)
  • Osteochondritis dissecans
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (inflammatory joint disease)
  • Sprains
  • Stress fractures
  • Tendinitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Throwing injuries
  • Trapped nerves
What are the available Elbow pain treatments?

Patients suffering from elbow pain have choices at Regen Revolution with a variety of traditional and cutting-edge elbow pain solutions to choose from, the team can incorporate one or more to provide pain relief and functional improvements. We start with a very thorough evaluation to see if you are a candidate for services at our office.
Options include:

  • Physical Medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Cooperative Injectables for Healing and Support including PRP, HCTP, Ozone
  • mHCTT – micro Human Cell Tissue Transplant
  • Joint injection tissue transplant
  • Supplements and nutraceuticals

Regen Revolution also offers a revolutionary non-surgical elbow pain program that can help you avoid surgery and regain a full life.

What Are other Regen Revolution Procedures for Elbows?

Regen Revolution procedures use sophisticated image-guided injections to place high-dose platelet-rich plasma or HCTP products. These are breakthrough, nonsurgical procedures for people suffering from elbow pain due to common injuries, overuse conditions, and arthritis. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to elbow surgery in Colorado, what you really need is what we offer at Regen Revolution. Traditional options for patients suffering from these conditions include:

  • medial epicondyle release (for golfer’s elbow),
  • lateral epicondylitis release (for tennis elbow),
  • synovectomy,
  • elbow interpositional arthroplasty, and
  • total elbow replacement.

With both surgeries, months of rehab are required, and the patient must be aware of and prepared to take on the risks. As an alternative, Regen Revolution offers a multidisciplinary approach to help alleviate elbow pain and the conditions that cause it with a sophisticated office injection procedures.