Smoking and drinking are a debilitating and often deadly combination. If you ask most doctors and health experts, they will tell you that smoking and drinking can and have killed a lot of people, some of whom were otherwise healthy and in good physical shape.

In general, people who smoke and/or drink are known to be at a greater risk of developing a variety of health issues. Smoking is considered more hazardous, but both practices carry a significant level of risk when it comes to developing heart disease, high blood pressure and other problems related to the heart or cardiovascular system.

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Esteemed stem cell therapy Denver providers emphasize that smoking can also lead to a heightened risk of PAD, lung cancer and throat cancer. Drinking various types of alcohol can also contribute to cancer cases, and statistics actually show that more than 80% of all cases of mouth and throat cancer are triggered by smoking and drinking habits.

Milder health risks can also apply. Both cigarettes and alcohol are addictive, and can lead to emotional problems and anxiety. Drinking too much can also lead to significant cognitive decline even if you aren’t at an age where that could be considered a more common threat. Moreover, both tobacco and alcohol can interfere with therapy and efforts in anger management and treating problems like depression, often causing significant mental and emotional damage over time.