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Sitting by a computer for hours on end or, even worse, for an entire 8-hour workday is the worst thing that can happen to your muscles and to your spinal cord, especially to the muscles and bones in your neck. Here is why you neck can feel so painful after a long day of computer work:

  • Unergonomic seating and desk – most of us tend to put up with our old, uncomfortable chair and desk, pieces of furniture that are completely unsuitable for being used for hours on end. The most common issues responsible for neck pain are chairs that fail to provide proper lumbar support and desks that are not of the right size and height;
  • Forgetting to take a break – ideally, you should leave your desk and perform a few stretching movements every hour or so. Without these breaks, your muscles will become stiff and your blood flow will be compromised, both factors leading to various pains across the body, especially to neck pain. According to the best chiropractor Denver area practices, the position that you adopt while sitting at your desk also puts severe strain on the muscles in your neck and your shoulders, making these parts of the body especially sensitive to pain;
  • Radiating headache – computer work puts a strain on the eyes as well, causing headaches that can radiate to the neck, too.