As time goes by, all people get older. The concern occurs when aging is premature or when changes and disorders frequently associated with old age occur suddenly. Many people become obsessed with slowing down the aging process and resort to cosmetic procedures, surgery, and various skin care techniques without understanding what is happening to their bodies.

But there are also people out there who seem to age slower and certainly more graciously than others. What is their secret?

Lowry stem cell treatment

Highly regarded stem cell therapy Lowry providers acknowledge that genetics represent a significant reason. However, lifestyle and diet play a key role too. Nutrition, physical activity, or stress can change the way genes work by adding “chemical labels” that act as switches and affect our health and longevity.

The study of these mechanisms is known as epigenetics. A series of studies (known as BELFAST) on healthy nonagenarians showed that participants talked about the importance of staying as physically and mentally active as possible, eating moderately (and, of course, eating healthy food), and having an optimistic attitude.

Epigenetic changes in genes provide explanations for how diet, exercise, stress, and exposure to toxins and infections can alter genes and predisposition to certain diseases. Our choices every day and a healthy lifestyle definitely impact how we age.