Exercise is generally considered to be a miracle cure, with all medical specialists and experts in fitness and lifestyle recommending regular exercise as the principal or auxiliary treatment for an incredibly wide range of affections from musculoskeletal problems and digestive issues to heart problems and from depression and weight problems to diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic affections of the respiratory tract.

chiropractor Denver near meHere are why doctors insist so much on exercising for at least 30 minutes a day:

  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular events – today, stroke and heart attack are among the leading causes of death not only among the elderly, but for people in their forties and fifties as well. Regular exercise can efficiently counter the harmful effects of modern lifestyle on the cardiovascular system, maintaining the health of the heart and of the blood vessels for longer. The positive effects of exercise include lowered blood pressure and lowered cholesterol levels, both essential for cardiovascular health;
  • Healthier bones, muscles and joints – an acclaimed chiropractor in Denver near me affirms that physical exercise is essential for the health of the musculoskeletal system as well, helping reduce the risk of osteoporosis and maintaining balance;
  • Better for the mood, too – physical exercise is known to release endorphins, thus being an excellent mood enhancer for anyone. Exercise is also a great adjuvant in the treatment of depression and anxiety as well.