It’s a known fact that exercising and having a healthy lifestyle can slow the aging process. But to what degree does that happen, and what types of exercise techniques should you consider for that purpose?

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Cardio exercise can greatly enhance your ability to live longer because of a few key factors. One of them is that it gives your heart a good workout, so it will be better capable to pump blood in situations when your body is under stress. That can greatly help to reduce blood pressure issues and the risk of having a heart attack. Additionally, cardio exercises help burn fat and reduce the chance of developing PAD, while causing the body to sweat and eliminate toxins more efficiently. To avoid chronic knee pain Denver physicians urge people to wear shoes that fit properly and are in good enough condition to help maintain balance and leg alignment when walking or running.

Another form of exercise you should consider is strength training. By building up your strength, you can ensure that your muscles are more efficient and that they can deliver greater strength by using less energy. This is especially important during old age, when the strength and mass of seniors’ muscles can reduce greatly, causing additional health problems as time goes by.

Finally, endurance training is just as important as strength training, as it will help your body cope with physical stress longer and with greater efficiency. Moreover, if you are prone to develop diabetes (or if you already suffer from type II diabetes), then endurance training will help you lower your blood sugar levels and increase your insulin sensitivity by up to 30%. Recent studies have shown that some diabetes patients were able to minimize their dose of insulin or diabetes medication simply by taking up a carefully designed program of strength and endurance training.