in addition to daily skincare, a vampire facial Denver provider can help improve skin beautyDry climates, whether hot or cold, are very challenging for the human skin, not only on exposed body parts, such as the face and the hands, but on the skin all over the body. In such conditions, the skin loses humidity very quickly and it becomes not only rough, but it can also develop cracks, and even wounds. Fortunately, according to skincare vampire facial Denver specialists, with at home daily treatment, you can help your skin maintain its freshness and radiance – here are some tips:

  • Use a gentle cleanser – cleansing is always important in skin care, especially in climate zones that are harsh on the skin. Try to find a product that does not contain any chemicals, such as alcohol or glycolic acids;
  • Moisturize – use a moisturizer serum as well as a moisturizing cream on your face and apply a moisturizing lotion on your body, especially on the body parts exposed to dry air, such as the arms and the shoulders as well. Don’t forget about your feet either – use a moisturizing foot cream every evening;