Body mass index – BMI – is an official indicator for calculating the ideal body weight for a given height. First of all, the body mass index helps to determine the weight group in which a person falls – the degree of obesity. Also, the body mass index can be used to calculate the number of kilograms that a person must lose or gain, in order to reach the ideal weight for his/ her height.

Body mass index is a method that can be used by both men and women, aged between 18 and 65 years. BMI is not a method of calculating weight suitable for children, pregnant women, people with high muscle mass (athletes) and the elderly and is not intended to determine the percentage of body fat, muscle or bone mass.

Downtown's HealthcareIt is an indicator with scientific recognition, established following the results of large-scale population studies, which aimed to reveal a link between the height-weight ratio on the one hand and health, on the other hand. Statistics show that people whose body mass index is between 18.50 and 25 are in the best health. Exceeding this interval, both plus and minus, raises health risks.

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