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The answer to the question “Why are we getting older?” is complex and, according to recent studies, there is no approach generally accepted by the entire research community.

In humans, aging can be described as an accumulation of changes over time. These changes are physical, mental and social.

When it comes to the causes of aging, current theories are attributed to the concept of deterioration. This concept assumes that the accumulation of damage (such as DNA oxidation) can cause the failure of biological systems.

Another concept is that we are programmed to age and die (DNA methylation).

From a biological point of view, aging is different. Physical appearance and general mood are some of the things that make the difference between seniors. Local stem cell therapy Lowry providers substantiate that the speed of aging depends on the individual’s genetic heritage and the influence of the environment, as well as on their lifestyle.

According to specialists in geriatrics and gerontology, there is a set of factors that accelerate biological aging. Vices such as smoking and alcohol consumption are at the top. The excessive and constant exposure to the sun, the lack of proper rest and nutrition also have negative influences. In these times we live in, when everything is moving around us quickly, the stress and tension we are exposed to can also be factors of premature aging.