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Tai Chi is one of the lesser understood oriental practices that are known to offer a remarkable opportunity for improved overall health. Known primarily as a self-defense practice, Tai Chi has gained a remarkable reputation for being able to fight stress and health problems in a way that is gentle, promoting physical and mental balance as well as increased flexibility.

If you ask experts, they will tell you that Tai Chi was developed in Ancient China, and it is still widely practiced today as a form of exercise. The practice involves slow, focused movements that are performed carefully along with highly specific, deep breathing patterns. Also known as tai chi chuan, Tai Chi features many different styles that can be used for everything from maintaining your health to boosting your ability to perform various martial arts techniques.

A doctor I know that works with one of the best chiropractor Denver clinics confirms that because it’s essentially a form of low impact exercise, Tai Chi can be performed by virtually everyone – including seniors and children. It’s generally safe, inexpensive, and requires no special equipment.

Some of the main health benefits attributed to practicing Tai Chi include lower stress and anxiety, the ability to balance your mood, increased aerobic capacity, better sleep patterns, lower blood pressure, improved muscle strength and greater agility, energy and stamina.

Moreover, if you suffer from joint pain, heart problems and a weak immune system, Tai Chi can help you maximize your health to prevent the pain and common symptoms associated with these health problems.