In chiropractic treatment, the term “subluxation” is used for denoting the misalignment of the spine caused by the separation of the articular surfaces and the resulting diminishment in function. The condition either develops slowly, over time or it can be caused by a single movement and it can involve many processes, including the accumulation of excess blood in an area caused by obstructed blood flow (a process called hyperemia); a process called congestion, defined as the accumulation of toxins in certain areas of the spine, leading to the irritation of nerve endings and pain; the development of scar tissue in the affected area (fibrosis) and tissue rigidity.

alternative chiropractic Lowry

When treating subluxation, alternative chiropractic Lowry  medical professionals first identify the affected spine area, then they use various types of manual manipulation to restore the correct alignment of the spine. The specialist will locate apply manual pressure on the affected area and will rotate the spine to ensure its proper position. The movement intended to realign the spine is usually quick and strong. The patient might experience a strange feeling in the spine and might feel some numbness in the extremities, but the intervention is painless and the positive effects are usually felt right after the specialist performs the realignment.