stem cell treatment Lowry

Integrative medicine is a modern approach to treating a wide range of affections that considers the patient as a complex entity, rather than treating only symptoms or separate affections. When developing the treatment plan, the practitioner and the patient are more like partners and that feature is not the only one that makes integrative medicine so efficient and so popular these days – here are some others:

  • All factors that influence health are taken into consideration – integrative medicine treats not only the body; it takes into consideration the soul, the spirit, the patient’s medical history as well as social and physical environment that the patient comes from;
  • The preference for little invasive or non-invasive treatment options whenever possible – natural methods that prompt the body’s own healing mechanisms are chosen whenever possible. Specialized stem cell therapy Lowry professionals tell us that the methods include acupuncture, aromatherapy, diet and lifestyle changes and meditation;
  • A wide range of affections treated successfully – integrative medicine is suitable for treating many health conditions, such as depression, headaches, chronic pain, joint and muscle pain, various neurological issues related to stress and gastrointestinal problems;
  • A strong focus on prevention – integrative medicine puts emphasis on the prevention of diseases through educating patients to make healthy lifestyle decisions.