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Alopecia aerate is a condition that involves hair loss in smaller or larger patches. It can affect only the scalp or other parts of the body as well, such as the face, including not just the beard and mustache, but also the eyebrows and the eyelashes. The problem can come on suddenly or it can develop slowly, almost unnoticeably.

The exact causes of alopecia aerata are not known, but most specialists consider it an autoimmune disease that triggers the body’s immune cells to mistake hair follicles for foreign invaders and to attack them. The attack by the immune cells weakens the hair follicles and makes them unable to produce new hair.

Alopecia us currently not a curable disease, but there are several treatment options available that can slow down or stop the process or that can even reverse it to a certain extent. The medical treatments usually involve topical remedies that boost the hair follicles or that irritate the skin on the scalp to promote hair regrowth; oral medications to suppress the overactive immune system or light therapy that might efficiently reverse the hair loss process with the help of special targeted radiation. Informed stem cell therapy Lowry providers offer natural treatment options such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, anti-inflammatory diets, scalp massage and herbal supplements.