Autoimmune diseases are becoming increasingly common, affecting over 23 million people in the US only. The problem can take many forms (there are over 80 different types of autoimmune diseases known today), but they are all caused by an issue with the functioning of the body’s immune system that hinders the immune system’s ability to distinguish between the body’s own cells and foreign cells and makes the body attack its own cells mistakenly identified as attackers.

Lowry regenerative medicine reviewsThe exact causes that lead to the development of autoimmune diseases are not yet fully understood by medical scientists, but the statistical data available reveal some possible triggers:

  • Gender – around 80% of the patients suffering from autoimmune conditions in women, most of them in childbearing age, which reveals a possible connection between hormones and autoimmune affections;
  • Ethnicity – some forms are more common in certain ethnic groups than in others. For example, lupus is less common among Caucasians and more common among Hispanic people;
  • The hereditary factor – the susceptibility to certain autoimmune conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, can be inherited;
  • Diet – the typical diet of Western countries is high in fat and in sugar and packed full with processed foods, all of which can trigger inflammations and inadequate immune responses.
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