An active lifestyle includes: shopping, gardening, cleaning, mowing the lawn, walking for up to five hours, lifting weights and playing sports. There are many health benefits to having an active lifestyle. Conversely, there are many risks to having a sedentary lifestyle. For instance, the immune system can grow weaker and it can stop fighting off infections properly.

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There are various types of physical activities including: moderate to vigorous aerobic activities (walking, bicycling, dancing, and swimming), strength training (weightlifting, pushups, tai chi, and yoga), structured exercise (taking the stairs instead of the elevator, running errands, jogging, etc.), enjoyable activities (doing weight-bearing exercises, playing tennis, riding a bike, jumping rope, etc.) and step counting (recording the number of steps taken each day and making sure it is close to ten thousand). Regardless of the type of physical exercise you choose to perform, you can also record your progress on your smartphone or smartwatch by keeping track of lost weight or built muscle mass.

A doctor with amazing Lowry regenerative medicine reviews tells us that the main advantages of sticking to an active lifestyle include: lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease, improving brain health and function, strengthening bones and muscle, improving blood circulation, preventing osteoporosis, improving memory, protecting against chronic illnesses, improving the quality of sleep, combating fatigue and managing the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, type two diabetes and weight gain. There are also other important health benefits such as improving mental health by reducing anxiety or depression and bettering the mood and state of mind.