alternative chiropractic LowryTrigger point therapy is a method that includes various techniques to release the tension that causes muscles to develop knots and to induce muscle relaxation. The most common techniques are special, targeted massage and the application of mild pressure in the tension knots. The best alternative chiropractic Lowry specialists corroborate that Trigger point treatment comes with many benefits – here are some:
– Collateral benefits of releasing tension – treatment applied to the muscle knot will not only release the tension in the affected area – it will also reduce the associated headaches and will improve mobility as well;
– Quick results – the positive results are noticeable after the first treatment session;
– No medication needed – trigger point treatment is performed entirely in the specialist’s office and it does not involve the administration of any medication;
– No pain involved – in most cases, trigger point therapy is painless. In very severe cases, the first few treatment sessions might involve some discomfort or minor pain when the tense area is being massaged, but even that discomfort will go away soon;
– Improved circulation – trigger point therapy improves blood flow to the affected area, thus promoting healing;
– Help with a number of conditions – the treatment comes with proven efficiency in the treatment of arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica and TMJ disorder.