What are Common Causes of Lower Back Pain?

            Have you ever been cruelly haunted by milder or stronger pains in the lower region of your spine? Most of us have been. You need not worry, though. Rarely the causes are serious, although they are worth bearing in mind. Prevention is better than the cure.

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Several most common causes of lower back pain are:

  • A muscle strain – occurring when a muscle is stretched too far and gets damaged, for example lifting something heavy from the ground without bending your knees, or a sport injury.
  • A ligament sprain – almost identical to a muscle strain; they have the same symptoms both are cured in the same way.
  • Poor posture while sitting down – spending too much time sitting, with your body tilting forwards; office workers and school children tend to suffer from back pains caused by an incorrect and unhealthy way of sitting.
  • A poor posture while sleeping – frequently sleeping in a curled, oftentimes called fetal, position.

               These causes are the most frequently encountered. When the pain is chronic, medical conditions may be the cause. Such instances require the advice of a doctor. With proper care and prevention by the best chiropractor in Denver, the pain can dissipate in a few days.