–        Integrative medicine is a modern approach to the treatment of many affections, one that assesses the patient as a whole and addresses not only the symptom that the patient suffers from, but a wider range of issues and causes that might have contributed to the appearance of the symptoms. Integrative medicine does not treat a simple body ache with simple painkillers – it tries to evaluate the patient’s life in its complexity, in an attempt to reveal the set of causes that has led to the appearance of that particular ache.

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–        When determining the treatment course to follow, Downtown’s Healthcare integrative medicine professionals considers aspects related to body, mind and soul as well as aspects related to the patient’s social and physical environment. The approach does not reject the achievements of conventional medicine, but it adds a wide range of other treatment methods as well. The options proposed are intended to activate the body’s own ability to heal and they are often less invasive than the ones proposed by conventional medicine. The approach also prefers natural solutions and it involves the education of the patient and of the people in the patient’s environment about the importance of the prevention of illnesses and health promotion.