Professional sports have two sides. The first, the glamorous one, involves winning, fame and the adoration of enthusiastic fans. The second, invisible, involves very hard daily work, tiring workouts, and immense physical and emotional stress.

Professional sports are quite traumatic. According to statistics, sports injuries account for about 21% of the total number of injuries. The most dangerous sports in this regard are rugby, hockey, boxing, and wrestling.

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As for the most common types of injuries among athletes, they include:

  • Patellofemoral syndrome

Most sports injuries involve the lower body, especially knee injuries. According to specialized knee pain Denver doctors, one of the most common injuries to the knee is the patellofemoral syndrome. This diagnosis can be given in case of a slip or fall on the knee, swelling of the knee joint, or a muscle imbalance.

  • Shoulder injuries

Shoulder injuries cover a large number of sports injuries caused by dislocations, displacement, muscle strains, and ligament sprains.

The shoulder is the weakest joint of the body and is subjected to strong forces during sports activities. Many shoulder injuries can be caused by a lack of flexibility, strength, or stabilization.

  • Stretching the femoral muscles

The femoral muscles are located on the back of the thigh. Unfortunately, these muscles can be tense, and are susceptible to overuse, which can lead to muscle strains, improper training techniques, or lack of gradual exercises can cause a break /stretch.