Gerontophobia, or fear of old age, is common in most people. When noticing signs of “wilting”, women begin to look for miraculous skin creams or get subscriptions to beauty salons while men want new adventures and crave sensations that make them feel young and powerful.

What are people who are obsessed with gerontophobia actually afraid of?

The reasons for their fear are based on:

  • fear of getting ugly.
  • fear of becoming a “burden” for their loved ones.
  • fear of loneliness and hopelessness.
  • loss of previous social status.
  • lifestyle changes.
  • fear of poverty.
  • fear of imminent death.

Old age is a physiological process, and no one can avoid it, but you can make this stage of life not so gloomy and hopeless. If you go beyond the physical changes there are many new values and attitudes towards life that appear as you get older and should be explored, not denied.

Instead of stating your fear of old age you should try to find joy in everyday little things and lead an active life, as much as your health allows it. This way the emotional background will gradually become uniform, and your mood more positive.

Keep in mind that it is up to you to get used to the new status and find your “niche” in life. Many seniors do sports, participate in various events, find their soul mate and do what they love. In addition, there are many noninvasive procedures, like the cosmetic vampire facelift Denver specialists perform, that can improve the appearance of fine lines and stimulate collagen production.

It is also important to monitor your state of health, and, even if it sounds trivial, you should eat healthy, exercise and keep yourself as strong as possible.