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Aging is a natural process that affects everyone, but maintaining healthy levels of activity and a healthy diet can improve general health and prolong life significantly. Here are some tips to stay healthy in body and mind and to maintain well-being in old age for as long as possible:

  • Develop the right exercise routine and stick to it – muscle loss and wear and tear in the joints are symptoms that accompany the aging process; therefore, exercise regimens should be developed in a way to address those symptoms without exposing the body to too much strain. The best chiropractor in Denver near me confirms that the ideal workout in old age is reduced in intensity and focuses on exercises to maintain flexibility and mobility, replacing weight training and intensive cardio workouts with stretching and yoga;
  • Nutritional adjustments to maintain a healthy weight – the metabolism also slows down with age, which also means that it becomes harder to prevent weight gain. Adequate exercise needs to be accompanied with a healthy diet, consisting of a higher protein intake coming from lean meat, fish and vegetable sources, increased fiber intake and a reduced intake of carbs, consisting mainly of whole grains. Increased attention must be paid to liquid intake, too, consuming at least two liters of water or herbal tea and limiting or completely avoiding alcohol.