Knee on Trac

Jogging is among the healthiest, most efficient forms of exercise, the type of workout that trains every muscle in the body while improving endurance and relieving stress. As is the case with all forms of exercise, it is very important to pay attention to the workload that your body is exposed to while jogging. Here are some tips from Knee on Trac pain therapy pain treatment specialists to help you jog for long distances without straining your legs or sustaining other forms of injuries:

  • Always start with a warm-up – jogging, even when performed wearing the right equipment and on the right type of terrain, can be strenuous for the muscles and the joints. To avoid injuries from sudden strain, always start your training with a 5-minute warm up.
  • Give your muscles the right type of fuel – be sure to consume the right type of snacks before you go jogging. Also, pay attention to proper hydration before you put on your trainers.
  • Be patient with yourself – every day is not the same, the body does not perform the same way every day. If you notice any signs of exhaustion, take a couple of days off jogging. Your body will be grateful for the rest.