knee pain Denver
A sedentary lifestyle affects most people today, with very few of us having a lifestyle that includes sufficient physical exercise. A lifestyle that includes no or only very little amount of regular exercise is bad for our health in many ways – here are some of the gravest risks:
• Unhealthy body weight – exercise is the best way to maintain a healthy body weight. The opposite is also true: a lifestyle that lacks exercise guarantees weight gain.
• Harmful for the joints – the joints in the human body do not have their own circulation system; they get the nutrients they need from blood and other fluids pumped by the muscles. In lack of physical exercise and without sufficient muscle movement, according to knee pain Denver specialists, the body’s joints and cartilages tend to become damaged due to the impossibility to obtain the nutrients they need for healthy functioning.
• Harm for the cardiovascular system – sedentary lifestyle is the number one cause behind cardiovascular illnesses, including heart problems and narrowing of the major blood vessels, such as the arteries that provide blood for the brain and the body’s major organs.
• Harm for the digestive tract – exercise is the best way to ensure healthy digestion. People who do not move around as much as they should often complain about constipation and other digestive tract problems.