Mindful living is the most recent trend for enjoying good health and peace of mind. It involves being more aware of your thoughts, accepting yourself and being less critical about your decisions and choices.

This can help you in several ways, including in slowing down the aging process. Here is how mindfulness achieves this:

  1. Managing the Fight or Flight Response

When we are in difficult situations, our brain activates the fight or flight response. This is something that makes you decide whether to run away from danger or face it. As part of the flight or fight process, your heart rate speeds up and the inflammatory response is activated. The practice of mindfulness offers you a degree of control over the response.

In turn, your body will age a little slower, as these triggers become less frequent.

  1. Mindfulness Helps Telomeres Last Longer

Why do we age? The answer is in the telomeres – tiny caps at the end of each chromosome in your body. As the cells divide, telomeres become shorter. This reduces the ability of cells to divide – resulting in aging.

According to stem cell treatment Denver clinicians, studies show that managing stress can actually slow down the process of deterioration of the telomeres. This means that the cells in your body will continue to divide for a longer period of time and you will slow down aging.

  1. Serenity Makes You Look Younger

Studies show that facial expressions can alter other’s perception of someone’s age. When you are worried and stressed, you tend to frown. Over time, you even stop controlling this process. This is how wrinkles form. Through mindfulness, you will appear more serene, happy with your life and younger.