Medical science is constantly evolving, with researchers working relentlessly to find new treatments for diseases and to come up with a deeper understanding of how the human body works. Here are some of the most remarkable finds that have revolutionized medicine in the last few years:

Minimally invasive techniques taken further – the range of the conditions that can be efficiently treated with minimally invasive, laparoscopic or robotic techniques is being constantly expanded.

New medication for the treatment of migraine – a new drug has been recently developed to treat migraines without the side effects often associated with conventional migraine treatments. The medicine controls a pain-regulating molecule the level of which elevates during migraine attacks;

Wearable technologies – new devices used for monitoring body functions are constantly launched, too. A great example is a smartwatch that detects sleep apnea through various sensors, including an oxygen sensor and a heart rate monitor;

Polio eradicated in Africa – the entire continent of Africa is now polio-free, thanks to a campaign started back in 1996;

New treatment for primary-progressive sclerosis multiplex – monoclonal antibody therapy has been efficiently used in the treatment of various cancers and now it is available for the treatment of the special subset of MS.

Stem cell treatment Denver regenerative care doctors affirm that certain types of regenerative treatments may slow the progression of pain and deterioration in the body.