Gaining weight during pregnancy is a standard step that every woman follows to become a mother. Wanting to lose the excess of kilos gained is the next step that women wish after giving birth, but how to lose weight following a difficult pregnancy? And how easy is it to lose weight?

If you faced a difficult pregnancy, the time to recover might be a little bit longer, and you might need to seek the advice of a nutritionist to make a personalized meal plan for you if you suffer from certain medical conditions such as celiac disease or if your MBI was overweight-obese before pregnancy. 

Another factor to take into consideration is the age: the situation may change if you expect your baby during your 20s, 30s, or almost 40s due to the hormone levels and other pathology that you can develop during pregnancy (for example, gestational diabetes).

To understand how easy it will be for you to lose weight, the integrative healthcare team at Regen Revolution,, recommends you do a series of medical checks to understand your overall health, which includes glycemia and insulin (losing weight may take longer time if you have metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance) and hormonal and thyroid checks (during pregnancy the thyroid may suffer of hormonal stress which affects the time to lose weight).

Let’s find out some healthy ways to lose weight that you can implement as soon as you give birth, even if you had a difficult pregnancy:

  1. Variety is the key: No need to say that you need to cut junk food and sugary drinks from your diet. However, don’t focus on eating just salads or veggies. Your body needs all the nutrients to recover, especially after a difficult pregnancy. Eat fish (avoid frying it), meat, and plenty of vegetables as a side dish. 
  • Speed losing weight with exercising: Becoming sedentary is quite normal for many women as you need to take care of your baby. However, even if you cannot go to the gym, do aerobic exercises (yoga, Pilates) while your baby sleeps.
  • Overcome depression: Post-partum depression is a common condition that affects many women after giving birth. You are more exposed to this condition if you have a difficult pregnancy. However, you can overcome it by taking supplements. Group B vitamins benefit the recovery process, especially B6, which synthesizes serotonin.

Even if you have a difficult pregnancy, losing weight is possible: talk to your doctor, do the blood test, and follow our advice.