The effects of poor ergonomics in the workplace can have catastrophic consequences for the company and for the employees as well, resulting in increased time spent by employees on sick leave as well as in decreased productivity and a tense, uncomfortable atmosphere.

effects of poor ergonomics in the workplaceHere is how an uncomfortable, unhealthy, or not perfectly functional work environment can be damaging:

  • Eye strain – poor lighting as well as old, strongly vibrating computer monitors can cause strain to the eyes and even ruin the employee’s eyesight. Eye strain can also cause headaches of various severity;
  • Uncomfortable office furniture – office workers spend most of their workdays sitting at their desks. Chairs and desks that do not feature proper, ergonomic design components, such as adjustable seating height and reclinable chair backs, can cause stress and strain to the muscles. The catastrophic effects of poor ergonomics in the workplace can lead to other health issues as well such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries to the back, the knees, the shoulders;
  • Stress – having to work in an uncomfortable environment is known to add to workplace stress levels that are usually very high already. The effects of such added stress can range from nervousness and insomnia to digestive problems, such as stomach pain and many other issues generally attributed to high-stress levels.