best chiropractor in Denver talks about Degenerative Disc diseaseThe vertebrae that make up the human spine are separated by rubbery discs that enable bending and twisting – when these discs lose their rubbery consistency or get otherwise damaged, the vertebrae start rubbing against each other, causing pain and other symptoms.

One of the most common causes of degenerative disc disease is aging – natural aging affects the discs by decreasing their content of liquid and causing them to dry. Tears to the outer portion of the discs are also very common – the cause is usually an injury sustained by the back, strenuous sporting activities as well as daily activities.

Degenerative disc disease most commonly affects the neck and the lower back. The symptoms include pain that can range for mild to moderate or severe (in extreme cases, the pain associated with the affection might be disabling, causing severe limitations and suffering). The pain might also radiate to the arms, the hands, the buttocks, and the sighs. Other potential symptoms of degenerative disc disease include weakness in the legs or in the arms and pain that either comes and goes or is worsened by spending a long time sitting or bending.

The affection is diagnosed with physical exams and with various imaging techniques, such as CT, MRI, or X-rays. There are various treatment options available, including chiropractic care and physical therapy. However, if left untreated, even the best chiropractor in Denver suggests that the patient may be left with no options but the administration of anti-inflammatory drugs, and surgery.