Yoga is a 5,000 years old practice of exercising that involves not only the body, but the mind, the soul and the spirit as well, a method that is based on ancient Indian philosophy. The focus of yoga is on establishing harmony through physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation, helping us achieve the positive state of mind and well-being that we all need so much in our stressful lives.

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Integrative healthcare providers at Downtown’s Healthcare,, substantiate that Yoga has proven physical, emotional and mental benefits – here are some of the perks of regular practice:

  • Improved flexibility, strength and balance – yoga exercises are performed in slow motion, with the different poses being held for a specific amount of time. The slow movements are accompanied with controlled breathing, the two features together being very efficient for increasing the blood flow to the muscles and to the brain and for improving muscle strength and overall balance as well;
  • Relief for many pains – yoga involves lots of stretching exercises that are great for relieving back pain as well as arthritis pain;
  • Great for relaxation – one of the most instant benefits that make beginners come back to the gym to practice yoga is stress relief. Yoga exercises induce a deep relaxation and it is the best exercise to promote healthy, refreshing sleep.