Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching, usually referred to simply as PNF stretching, is a type of advanced training aimed to relieve muscle tension through following a contract-stretch-contract pattern, usually with assistance from a helper. The technique was initially used in clinical settings, in neuromuscular rehabilitation programs, then it quickly became popular due to its efficiency and is now widely used in settings such as gyms.

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Trained knee pain Denver treatment therapists confirm that there are many benefits to implementing PNF stretches:

  • Improved range of motion – PNF is more efficient in improving both passive and active motion range that traditional, static stretching;
  • Quick results – PNF delivers noticeable results almost from the first stretching session;
  • Quicker recovery after high-intensity workout – PNF is very efficient in preventing the formation of muscle knots as well as in helping muscle tissue and fibers recover from the microscopic damage associated with intensive training;
  • Improved performance – PNF improves blood circulation, which contributes to better performance;
  • Increased joint strength – this feature makes PNF a great tool to prevent sporting injuries of the joints;
  • Better coordination – by improving strength and by ensure optimal functioning for the muscles, PNF contributes to better overall balance as well as to better coordination of the limbs.