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Sleeping positions differ greatly from person to person. Every time we cuddle under the duvet and turn off the light, we unknowingly improve or worsen the health of our spine simply by considering one sleeping position to be more comfy than another. Let us review the three most common sleeping positions, starting with the best:

            Sleeping on the back

            A study found out that currently around eight percent of adults sleep on their back. However, this is the healthiest position if you are seeking to avoid back pains. The spine, neck and head are on the same level, thus avoiding stress on these areas. Unfortunately, sleeping while facing the ceiling causes severe snoring.

            Sleeping on the side

            Being one of the more popular position of sleep, it is also good for avoiding back pain and snoring. Wrinkles may form, though, as half of your face pushes against the pillow. For the best results, try not to curl too much in a fetal position. Just pull up your knees slightly, while placing a pillow between them.

            What to avoid:

  • The fetal position, in which your body curls up in a ball.
  • Sleeping on the stomach, good for avoiding snoring, but bad for everything else.

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