Denver chiropractor reviews

There’s nothing better to start the day with than a few gentle stretching exercises to get the blood flowing. Over time, these exercises will not only help you prevent back pain despite working in an office. They will also boost your overall health quite considerably.

One of the best stretching exercises to do in the morning before you go to the office is the spinal twist. This simple exercise can be done while you’re still in bed, or on your yoga mat. Simply raise one of your knees by about 90 degrees and then gently roll it to the opposite side while keeping your back straight. Then return it to the original position and repeat the exercise with the other knee for a full cycle.

Another good trick for improving flexibility and preventing lower back pain is to bring your knees to your chest one at a time while laying down. Doing so will release the tension in your lower back and allow you to sit at your desk without feeling as much discomfort. If you feel comfortable enough with it, consider also bringing both knees to your chest for a stronger workout.

If you want to enjoy that added flexibility in your upper body as well, you can also consider a few standing exercises. Neck and shoulder stretches, as well as the side stretch where you clasp your hands above your head and move your upper body to one side will really help with blood circulation in the spine and upper back. Visiting a local chiropractor with Denver chiropractor reviews that are amazing is a great way to start your new year with proactive health and wellness solutions.