best chiropractor Lowry

The pain caused by spending long hours sitting in front of a computer monitor can range from being a minor discomfort to being debilitating and excruciating. If you have experienced an episode of such pain, here are some exercises suggested by the best chiropractor Lowry has to prevent it from recurring:

  • Flexing your neck – this exercise stretches the muscles in the neck, reducing the tension which may have It is also very simple. All you need to do is to look down at the floor for a couple of seconds, then to look up at the ceiling for the same length of time, followed by turns of the head to the right and to the left. This exercise can be done sitting as well as standing.
  • Stretching the neck with a raised chin – look towards the ceiling while you turn your head slightly to the right, then to the left. This exercise is excellent for stretching the muscles that are strained from hours spent sitting.
  • Other things that you can do to reduce neck pain or to prevent it – pay attention to the way you sit. Planting your feet firmly onto the floor, keeping your back in a straight position without leaning forward or hunching, and working with relaxed shoulder muscles can help.