As you increase in age, you’ll find that your body finds it increasingly harder to deal with physical and psychological stress. One of the things you’ll notice is that, past age 35-40, you’ll find it harder to lose weight and adopt stricter diets that didn’t used to do any harm when you were in your early 20s.

Of course, it’s important to define the term “strict” in this context. If you’re looking to lose weight fast, you might consider a milder version of a keto diet like the Atkins diet. However, reducing your calorie intake below 1200-1600 per day is not advised, as it can lead to extreme fatigue and health-related complications. Existing health problems might also be heightened during your diet, and you could end up at the doctor pretty soon after you started.

The key to losing weight when you’re older is a healthy, balanced diet combined with a tailored workout plan based on aerobic exercises, as well as sustained workouts focused on endurance and strength training. If you suffer from diabetes, studies show that strength training workouts can help increase your insulin sensitivity by more than 30%.

Also, a carefully designed workout plan will help you maximize the positive effects of your diet and retain healthy vitamins, minerals and proteins, while ensuring that your carbohydrate intake will not cause unhealthy sugar and insulin spikes. The result will be that, gradually, your body will gain the ability to make better use of nutrients, even if they are somewhat more limited.

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