Living with chronic pain is not easy. That is why it is important to implement some self-care practices to keep it under control and prevent it from worsening. Let’s see two powerful techniques that you can do on your own to relax your body and your mind:

Get initiated into meditation

There is a direct link between stress and the physical effects of it. Studies have shown that stress and anxiety increase the level of the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for inflammation and chronic pain over time. Muscular tension around the neck might be a consequence of a high level of cortisol.

To alleviate the symptoms, it is important to maintain stress under control: A good technique to do it is meditation. Research has found that 10 minutes per day of meditation not only brings improvements to your mental health and offers good sleep, but over time, your body will benefit too. 

You can start focusing your attention on breathing on your own, or you can download an app to get you initiated into meditation. Talk to

Alleviate muscular pain with heat

From ancient times- from Egyptians to Aztecs to more contemporary Ayurvedic traditions, heat has been used to alleviate muscular pain. Some therapists use the hot stone massage technique as part of relaxation treatments. 

If you are suffering from chronic localized muscular pain, you can use electrically heated pads. The heats allow your blood vessels to dilate, which allows more blood flow and oxygen to the area. As a result, your contracted area will start relaxing.

Unless specific medical condition, another good source of heat is the sauna- among all the benefits of your metabolism and weight loss, the heat of a sauna helps you relax your body and contracted muscles; if you do not have time to go to the sauna, a good alternative to do at home is hot baths.

Heat and meditation are just two self-care practices that you can integrate into your life to manage your chronic pain. Practicing regular stretching and visiting an integrative care doctor at Regen Revolution,, will help you too.