Considering and meeting your needs before anyone else’s is critical in prioritizing your well-being. You can do that by simply taking time for yourself and watching good TV shows, reading books, going to therapy, decompressing after work, and taking up fitness or aerobics.

For women, the main pillars of self-care are: spiritual, social, mental, practical, intellectual, emotional, and physical. The latter includes diet choices, sleep patterns, hydration, physical activity, and nutrition to help women cope and function normally. Similarly, the social pillar consists of social support to help women overcome stress and daily challenges or simply avoid fatigue and burnout.

A well-balanced routine can be achieved by: making good decisions daily, processing your emotions correctly, learning from your own mistakes, and cutting ties with toxic people. According to stem cell therapy Denver women health clinicians, Other types of self-care strategies include: regular exercise, staying positive, prioritizing relaxation, eating healthy foods or even superfoods (such as goji berries), and not seeking validation from the wrong people.

Self-care can only be achieved by taking time for oneself and taking an interest in one’s well-being. However, it is easier said than done simply because women are biologically programmed to prioritize others instead of themselves. Nonetheless, this should not stop you from taking time for yourself.