knee pain Denver

The knee represents a complex joint that has many moving parts.  This makes it prone to injury.  Among the most common reasons why we experience knee pain are sprains, fractures and even infections.

As we age, the usual movements and everyday activities can be enough to trigger the feeling of pain and fatigue in the knees.

In young people, pain most often occurs as a result of significant trauma or sports activities.

An orthopedic knee pain Denver doctor states that ligament injuries (rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and collateral ligaments), cartilage injuries and meniscus injuries are among the most common ailments among active young people.

Runner’s knee refers to a certain type of knee pain that starts around or behind the kneecap.  It is rather common in active adults. Symptoms of this condition include throbbing pain, especially where the knee meets the thigh bone or the femur.  Runner’s knee can also cause knee cracking.

In the elderly, pain occurs without a history of recent trauma.  Degenerative injuries and osteoarthritis are among the most common causes of knee pain.  The decline in tissue quality makes meniscal or chondral (cartilage) injuries much easier to occur, even without significant trauma.

The diagnosis of knee problems is made by an orthopedic doctor who, depending on the symptoms described by the patient, may also ask for additional investigations to establish the severity and type of the condition.