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When it comes to your health, there is no doubt that you want to benefit from the best level of care, so it is very important to research your medical providers and make sure they are board-certified. But what does “board-certified” means?

Being board-certified is a guarantee of meeting a minimum competency requirement of a recognized medical board – which cannot be said about physicians who are not certified.

Not all medical providers are board certified, and there may be several reasons behind this state of facts: they have not applied their certification credentials, they have lost their credentials (this may happen, for example, as a consequence of failing to continue meeting the minimum professional requirements), or they may have been turned down for getting certification because they could not demonstrate their level of competency.

Many boards in the US subscribe to the American Board of Medical Specialties, which has a set of criteria for board certification, known as the “gold standard”. However, based on the specialty, the requirements vary for each board. Downtown’s Healthcare confirms that their physicians are board certified and treat all patients with the care that comes from that gold standard certification.

How can you check if your physician is board-certified?

You will have to check your provider`s credentials and see from which they are certified.