– Orthotics are prescription medical devices worn inside shoes or on other parts of
the leg, such as the ankles or the calf, and used to correct a wide range of
biomechanical foot problems, such as flat feet, hammer toes, neuropathy, lost
sensation in the feet caused by diabetes, high arches, heel spurs as well as
various injuries. The most common, simplest types of orthotics are insoles and
ankle-foot devices for patients who need support around the ankles and on the
calves, too. Knee pain treatment Denver therapists confirm that some knee injuries are also treated with orthotics devices made from metal or carbon fiber wrapped into suitable cushioning.

Knee pain treatment Denver
– Orthotics are often used as a stand-alone treatment device or are used in
conjunction with other forms of therapy, such as physical therapy exercises, the
use of kinesiology taping and the administration of anti-inflammatory
medications. Orthotics devices help the body by correcting the posture and the
position of the bones in the feet. They also provide support and cushioning in the
affected areas of the legs and feet, such as the ball of the foot, the toes, the heel
or for joints that have sustained some sort of injury or damage, thus reducing
pain, improving the mobility of the affected area and promoting healing.