PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, a material prepared from the patient’s own cells
and used to trigger the body’s own healing mechanisms during the treatment of
musculoskeletal problems, such as injuries sustained by the muscles, tendons,
ligaments and joints.stem cell therapy Denver
Modern medicine has been long researching the processes through which the human
body can heal itself and science has come up with several treatment options that use
the patient’s own cells to promote healing. PRP uses plasma, the liquid portion of the
blood, composed of water and various types of proteins and platelets, the cells in the
blood that are responsible for healthy coagulation and healing. Regenerative stem cell therapy Denver providers affirm that PRP injections are prepared from the patient’s own blood and are injected into the body tissue that has
been injured or is diseased. The growth factors released with the injections stimulate
the body’s ability to regenerate.
The main benefits of PRP treatments are accelerated healing, breaking down of scar
tissue, and the almost complete lack of side effects. The body takes a very short time
to react to the injections and as the injections are prepared from the patient’s own cells,
the risks of rejection or of adverse effects are kept to the minimum. The treatment
method also reduces the necessity to take pain medications, thus improving not only the patient’s mobility, but also the quality of life in general.