chiropractor Lowry near me

Back and neck pain is a widespread affliction, a problem that is very often caused by incorrect sitting positions that we maintain for hours at our workstations. Fortunately, you can easily correct your post with a bit of attention, even if you spend hours staring at your monitor and focusing on your work. A chiropractor in Lowry near me with a great reputation shares that these are some methods that can help you:

  • Get adjustable furniture – ergonomic furniture with adjustable features is essential for healthy posture. Make sure to pick an office chair that comes not only with adjustable height but also allows you to adjust the position of the back and the arm support and use those features to find the best, most comfortable position.
  • Move the monitor to the ideal distance – to prevent straining your neck while looking at your computer screen, make sure the screen is at the proper distance from you. This will allow you to work comfortably without having to contract the muscles in your shoulders, arms and back too much and without forcing you to extend your neck to see the screen better.
  • Try a standing desk or a ball – these two modern pieces of office furniture might look funny, but many people say that both standing desks and large sitting balls are excellent for making the body adopt the correct posture.