In 1500, the Duch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus said the famous quote, “Prevention is better than cure.” Even if it has been more than five centuries since then, this favorite quote is a popular proverb nowadays and, due to the variety of processed and junk food we can find in the market, is probably even more applicable.

How can we prevent common disorders affecting our stomach and intestines in the 21st century?

  1. Replace your cooking method

Changing your cooking method does not mean giving up on the taste. Replace the air fryer with the oven. Use cooking methods such as boiling, grilling, or steaming, and avoid frying. Steaming is one of the healthiest ways of cooking that allows the food to maintain the nutrients without losing the vitamins and minerals of food during the boiling process.

Your gut and skin will thank you!

  • Boost your good bacteria

If you must take antibiotics or are constantly bloated, you might need to boost your immune system. To do so, you need to increase the good bacteria in your stomach with probiotics. Studies have shown that kefir is a healthy fermented food that supports your digestive system and improves your bone health. If you have stomach problems, kefir is a good option that contains over 30 species of probiotics.

  • Avoid the inflammatory food

Sugar and excessive salt are the two main factors contributing to maintaining your guts’ inflammatory state. If you have inflammation, you can feel bloated/ have digestive problems, fatigue, and skin rash.

Keep the inflammation under control by cutting sugary food and drinks from your diet and reducing the salt when cooking.

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