Do you want to burn more fat and not gain weight again without getting hungry or doing exhausting physical exercise sessions? Do you want to sleep better and have a more alert mind? Do you want to stop craving poor-quality foods?

You must acquire a flexible metabolism to burn fat more efficiently to achieve all this. Of course, preferred stem cell therapy Denver specialists confirm that weight loss is much more complicated than that. It is also about genetic factors, hormones, lifestyle, and possible health problems. However, anyone who applies these 10 steps consistently and in the long run will notice improvements compared to their current situation.

  • Reduce carbohydrates
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat daily only in a limited time frame (the body will burn fat outside the feeding hours)
  • Use coconut oil and medium-chain triglycerides
  • Eat probiotic foods
  • Drink water with lemon
  • Cook with turmeric and black pepper because they contain active substances that improve the enzymatic activity involved in fat burning
  • Eat fibrous plants at every meal
  • Cook with red beets and ginger to have a healthy bile

Avoid very restrictive diets

Very restrictive diets consume 1200 calories per day or less in women, respectively 1800 calories or less in men. Although you can achieve remarkable results in body weight, these diets do not help your metabolism and can deprive you of essential nutrients. In addition, when you lose a lot of muscle mass, the body burns fewer calories, so the risk of gaining fat is much higher after the diet.