Weight has a direct impact on the health of our spine and joints and also on our digestive system.

Studies have found that there is a link between excess weight and knee pain. According to knee pain Denver physicians, being overweight raises the risk of developing joint disorders such as osteoarthritis, so to prevent the pain or to relieve it, weight loss is a determinant factor.

One of the pillars is to reduce the daily quantity of sugar.

It is well known that a high quantity of sugar can lead to conditions such as diabetes, tiredness, and weight gain, but sugar contributes to chronic inflammation too- the source of your body’s joint pain and the motorway to heart disease.

If you abruptly stop the intake of sugar, you may feel very weak at the start. We recommend you do it gradually.

Start replacing the food containing added sugar with something else: 

  • If you love ketchup (that has a very high amount of sugar), replace it with some fresh tomatoes or have fun experimenting new salad combination as a side dish instead of the repetitive French fries with ketchup: surprise your guests or your lover with a diverse tasteful and healthier side dish.
  • Create your taste: flavored yogurt is a delicious option that you can include in your breakfast or during a snack, however, it is not the healthiest choice due to the high level of added sugars: instead, you can buy natural yogurt and mix inside fresh berries or other fruits that you like the most.
  • Trick your brain to get rid of soft drinks: nowadays there are refillable water bottles with aroma pods- you drink only water but experience the peach or cherry ‘flavored’ through your sense of smell. A cool and modern way to drink more water and get rid of soft drinks.

You do not need to drastically cut sugar from your life- reduce it, replace it, and feel good again.