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Unfortunately, many people misunderstand or discriminate against those with mental health conditions. This discrimination is often based on negative, untrue, and harmful social perceptions. These stereotypes prevent many from receiving the help they need and reduce their ability to be mentally healthy.

Here are some mental health myths and misconceptions:

Myth: People experiencing mental health problems are dangerous.

Fact: The majority of people suffering from mental health issues are actually not more likely to be dangerous/ violent than healthy people. People with severe mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, are more than ten times more likely to be victims of violent crime than people in the general population.

Myth: People with mental health conditions are weak.

Fact: Mental health issues have really nothing to do with being weak. You, too, most likely, know someone with mental health issues and do not even realize it; that’s because most of these people are active and productive members of their communities.

Myth: People with mental health conditions are irresponsible or lazy.

Fact: People who really suffer from mental illnesses are neither irresponsible nor lazy. They’re just sick. Careless and lazy are only those who use the pretext of so-called mental illnesses without being actually diagnosed by specialists.

There are many environmental, physical, and emotional conditions that impact our mental health on a day to day basis. Talk to the incredible medical providers at Downtown’s Healthcare to find ways to improve your physical and mental health.