Anxiety, daily stress, unexpressed anger, sadness and pain, and emotional states that we go through every day and that we do not process or release in one way or another impact our body. There is a direct connection between the mind and the body. For example, when we are afraid to breathe, our heartbeat accelerates. All emotions have a physical side. Unprocessed, they can worsen psychologically and can also cause physical symptoms in the body.

Numerous factors can cause or aggravate anxiety: stress, excessive fatigue, an illness, the death of a loved one, a significant change in personal life, etc.

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A healing alternative chiropractic Denver practice near me affirms that the primary purpose of alternative therapy is to improve your overall health and relieve your anxiety symptoms, having both a preventive and a healing role. Alternative therapies may help reduce anxiety, but the effects of these therapies can be seen over time. They should not replace conventional treatment but should be a supplement to it.

By combining alternative therapies with treatments approved by medical authorities, the concept of “integrative medicine” was born.

To treat anxiety, alternative medicine offers several possible therapies that can help people, including stress and trauma relief exercises, cranial-sacral therapy, yoga, and meditation, treating anxiety through massage, music therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, magnetic resonance therapy, Dr. Bach floral remedies, phytotherapy, spa treatments and more.