health tipsTravel anxiety can result from many things, including feeling anxiety about the actual act of being on a moving vehicle or airplane and the anxiety you feel when your surroundings change. Depending on the source of your anxiety, you can definitely deal with it. However, before you do, you will have to identify that source and learn as much as possible about it.

Finding the source of your anxiety shouldn’t be that hard. To do that, try to isolate your experiences and think of them as being standalone events. When you’re in a new place, forget about the fact that you had to drive yourself there or take the train. Also, when you’re on the train, try to forget about the destination and see how the actual fact of being on a moving vehicle makes you feel.

Listening to your feelings is the main key here. No matter what the experience, your feelings about it will tell you a lot about how your subconscious reacts to it. For instance, feeling dread before you even get on a bus could be an indication that your subconscious is already playing out scenarios where the bus is involved in an accident.

Regressive therapy and hypnosis can help a great deal to find the underlying reasons behind your anxiety and fears. Also, even just writing down your thoughts and feelings during your travels and then reading them with a clear mind when you’re home should help you uncover a great deal about your condition.

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