Sprains, dislocations, injuries to the muscles or tendons – they all require a visit to a doctor. However, remember that you are the first person who can apply some measures for minimizing the effects.

To begin with, you need to differentiate between acute and chronic injury. The first category includes sprains, dislocations, contusions, fractures, etc. which occur during training, spontaneously, due to a wrong movement. Symptoms may include severe pain, inability to flex or tread, and swelling.

According to a preferred chiropractor in Lowry near me, chronic injury occurs after a longer period when you overuse a certain part of your body during training, requiring long-term treatment. In some situations, the patient may even be required to stop training completely, at least the type of training that involves the damaged part of their body.

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In case of acute injuries, the physical effort should be interrupted and replaced with a few days off. Try to rest the affected parts of your body. For example, if you have foot injuries, use crutches. For arm injuries, it is recommended that you use the splint or at least try to keep the arm still.

Bandaging the injured area may be necessary, in some situations. Using ice is also very useful to reduce the swelling resulting from an acute accident, while also reducing pain. In this way, you will regain your mobility faster.