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Having high blood pressure is a difficult thing to deal with, especially considering all the scary stories we hear from doctors and nutritionists. Unfortunately, science often backs up those stories and HBP is a very real risk factor when it comes to developing cardiovascular problems and having a stroke – as well as leading up to heart problems.

If you want to get rid of high blood pressure, it’s essential to remove excessive alcohol, coffee, sodium and cholesterol from your diet, as well as to limit or stop smoking. Alcohol and the excessive use of cigarettes can be especially harmful. Consider also limiting sugar and simple carbs and replacing saturated processed fat sources with natural fat coming from fish and seeds. Downtown’s Healthcare associates at can help you come up with a detailed diet and exercise plan to support your healthcare objectives.

For people who are too overweight, intense aerobic exercise isn’t going to be an option at first. However, to limit HBP, you only need to take one or two brisk walks of about 30 minutes each per day. The best time for it is usually after your lunch or evening meal (or both). Once you feel like you’re ready to try moderate exercise, you can also consider a light to moderate home exercise plan, playing sports like football or tennis, or going on a daily morning jog. These workout methods should normalize your blood pressure pretty fast and help you feel a lot better if you keep them up each day.